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We have made unknowns famous. Are you next ?

WE have Movies out on DVD from past seasons. If you have netflix you can watch the latest one streaming to your tv or computer.
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Live 24/7, we put the show together in real time, in our state of the art studios like this one


One thing to remember when applying. CBL and The Gay Real World is about putting your REAL self out there for everyone to see. NOT only the bits you want but everything. This is reality TV its about the real you , no acting, no fakeness, no fake names or hidden bits.
Are your ready for that kind of attention from the world ???

We are going to have you talk about your growing up, coming out, your parents reactions, friends, you are going to be broadcast LIVE and taped when things are going great, when things are NOT going great, when you are a mess, when you look good, when you cry.. everything.

If you are someone who is worried about how you look or what you want people to know then this is NOT for you. You are about to embark on a potentially life changing event, you will learn so much about yourself and others will learn all about you.

One large trip will be planned for your season, do you have your birth certificate or passport? you may need it !!!

1: Do I get paid?

Lets take a look and see how it breaks down if you had to pay rent and utilities at a lavish upscale home like the one you'll live in:

  • Monthly rent in a similar shared house $500
  • Monthly Power portion in similar house  $100
  • Monthly Water portion in similar house $35
  • Monthly Cable portion $30
  • Monthly Internet access portion $15
  • Monthly phone portion $30
  • Car $150

Now remember, you will still need money for things like food, clothes ect so unless you have a trust fund or other income think about getting a part time Job while living here.

You will also get a CBL cast access card.
This card is used to get into the house
but ALSO any tips or money the members send to you is put onto this card. You can use it as an ATM card to pull cash out at ATM machines, or as a visa card to buy stuff online. This is your main card while at CBL

2: What am I expected to do there?

We want you to be yourself, and have a lot of fun, You wil get a LOT of attention from fans,  but your basic responsibilities are as follows:

  • Chat 2 hours in the evening exclusively with our members, 5 days per week and keep uptodate on your life and what's happening in it, we will expect you to be naked in part of that chat
  • Keep a weekly written diary that will be  posted on the site
  • Do a daily video blog .
  • Wear a wireless mic at all times while in the house.
  • Keep the common areas, the bathroom and your room clean
  • Partake with everyone else in the weekly cleaning of the house
  • Answer e-mails from members.
  • Do weekly podcasts.
  • Be REAL
  • Be respectful and polite to our members
  • Be part of the team that is CollegeBoysLive
  • Keep the house clean ( there are cleaning rotas posted )

3: What is expected of me in the 2 hour chat period ?

Good question! The 2 hour chat is devoted to our show's Fans and of course YOUR Fans, and we have a lot of them, so you will be logged into the chat room and will be the center of attention for over 100 + chatters and we will expect that you give them your full attention. So have fun !! The Fans will want to know everything that is going on with your life and discuss what you are upto. Our Fans are some of the coolest and kindest members anywhere.

What is NOT expected:

  • Check your ego at the door. You are privileged that your fans take time out of their day to come chat to you, Without your fans, and you will get loads of fans, we, and you are nothing important, it is not the members job to entertain YOU , its your job to be engaging and entertaining to the world that is watching.

  • It is not a time to be on Facebook, IM, texting or otherwise distracted from the chat room. that time is the other 22 hours in a day.

  • It is not a time to be chillin on the patio smoking and chatting with the other boys. This is member time.

  • Fakeness. This is a time to connect with yoru followers and fans, they like the real you, in a house with cams on 24/7 if yoru fake they wil catch it and in chat will tear you apart. Answer awkward questions honestly and you wl get a better reaction than lying.

  • Rudeness. If you were rude when working at a store to a customer you would probably get fired. same will go here. We have moderators that keep am eye on chat , if a guest is being rude, let them know, they wil take care of it.

  • Begging or HINTS for tips. Tips are given in appreciation, if you were at a restaurant and the waiter kept hinting they want a tip , you would be pissed and probably not give one. same here.

Basically the chat time is the Fans time, its time that you give to them to make them feel special.

4: Am I expected to have sex with the other guys in the house?

Not at all! Who and if you have sex is up to you. If you want to have sex with someone else in the house and they also want to that's fine. However, due to past experiences we do stipulate that you CAN NOT DATE your roommates while you both live at the house ( sex sure, date no ).

We must insist on the no dating rule. Dating is fine, but if you break up you both have to continue to live with each other and past experiences have proven that to be pure hell at times for all parties. If you really like another roommate take the time at the CBL house to get to know them. If after your 6 months are up and you still want to date then go for it.

5: How long can I / Am I expected to stay?

As with any show, we have taken a long time to choose you, we want a 6 month commitment from you, fame dosnt just happen overnight. , we ask that you sign a 6 month contract, however if you really find you MUST leave sooner you may do so by giving us 2 weeks notice.

6: Do I have to pay for anything ?

We provide the house, the power, the water, the cable, the furnishings, the pool and all the associated stuff for that. You will be responsible for your food and personal toiletries like shampoo, toothpaste, etc. Maid serice if you decided NOT to clean

7: Will i get my own room?

We have 4 people and 3 large rooms so 2 people will be sharing the largest room , you will however be sharing a bathroom with 1 other person. Usualy we wil have a compeition to decide who next  gets the single room.

8: How can I get to the store and clubs?

We have a dedicated SUV vehicle that any of the cast WITH a current Drivers license can use, you will have to put your own Gas in it though.


9: What can I bring ?

The house is fully furnished and we supply items like sheets and pillowcases. The only things you will really need to bring are your clothes. You can bring your own computer and perhaps a tv but we don't have space to store furniture or large items. You will need to find storage for those items it you have them, elsewhere. If you don't have a computer we have a 2.4 ghz machines available in the common area game room and one hooked to the living room big screen tv for general use.

10: How many people will be in the house ?

When full we have 4 people living there.

11: Can I have friends  over?

Definitely, the more the merrier! When you come back from the clubs bring home a friend for the night if you want, that's never a problem. We must insist however that they are 18 or older, and can produce an ID and sign a release form. They can even stay overnight, but we do limit them to a maximum of 3 nights sleepover in any week

12: Can I smoke in the house

Sorry, but NO smoking is permitted in the house. We do allow smoking outside on the patio areas only. We have 2 smoking areas for you, one upstairs and one downstairs.

This is to ensure the comfort of all who share the living space, as well as protecting all of the furnishings and the expensive and sensitive equipment in the home. Webcams, computers, tv's and the like need to be in a smoke-free environment.

13: Can I have pets?

Sorry, but NO, if everyone brought pets you can imagine what a zoo it would be. You can have fish if you like.

14: Can I have parties

Yes certainly, if you want to organize a party that's perfectly fine.

Just bear in mind the difference between Party and "PARTY". We do NOT allow any illegal substances in the house, or on the property, at any time.

15: Can I bring friends into chat

Certainly... as long as they are 18 or older and willing to sign a release form. Just remember to still pay attention to the members while in chat.


16: What are the best boy competition and the maid service i hear about?

Each week all the viewers vote on who was the most interesting boy in the house that week. to be aleigable you have to not be late for chat and have your video and written blogs posted on time. If the members vote you , you get to go and eat lunch with the producers.. while all the other boys clean the whole house.

We mentioned there is a cleaning rota, each night one of the boys will have to clean up the kitchen , take out the trash and sweep and mop the floor. You can choose NOT to do this, but  then we send in the maids to do it for you, however the maids service costs $$ and thats deduted from any tips you make.

16: I am not local, how do I get transportation for my 3-5 day interview

If you need transportation from the airport we will be able to provide that, but, like any job interview, you are normally expected to get to the interview under your own power. We can often help point you to cheap airfares or ground transportation.

17: Why is living here so amazing?

We are a very established reality website, it isn't a hard core Porn site. While living here you can still go to school or work. We do not restrict you what you can do . you are NOT REQUIRED to have sex with people and we never tell you WHO you must have sex with. The Gay Real World & CBL is about recording YOUR real life and allowing the world to watch you. We also give you things on one else has. 300 MB internet connection, Pool, a car, bikes , beer on tap and loads more, and of course a chance to be noticed everywhere you go.

18: I live in England or another country , How will that work?

Well your application period will be a little differnt, we would do a series of Remote chats with you and our members  and there may be some more questions and checks, You would basically need a passport, and if we accpect you for 6 months you would get a visa  from the local US embasy ( we can help you with the paperwork),  If accepted we would handle the flights, of course living in Florida and America is VERY differnt than the UK, or Australia are you up for it?

19: You mentioned a cruise, what's that about ?

The Gay Real World is all about new experiences and what better way than to get our of the house for a week and sail on an enormous cruise ship, visiting several Bahamas islands, having fun on board , meeting new people and chatting with our members nightly via satellite link?

We usually do these cruises one in April and one in October. you wont need a passport, just a Photo ID and birth certificate.

We will all stay in 1 large cabin with a balcony and nearly every day you wake up in a new place.

DAY Port Arrive Depart
Saturday Port Canaveral (fl)   4:00pm
Sunday Fun day at Sea    
Monday Cozumel, Mexico 10:00am 6:00pm
Tuesday Belize 8:00am 6:00pm
Wednesday Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan 9:00am 6:00pm
Thursday Costa Maya, Mexico 7:00am 2:00pm
Friday Fun Day at Sea    
Saturday Port Canaveral (fl) 8:00am  




20: So what happens after I fill out my application ?

Once we receive your application ( parts 1-3 and an uploaded picture ) one of our reviewers will look over it and read your answers and look at the picture ( so make sure its a good one )

If we like your look and your answers to the questions tell us that you are what we may be looking for then we will contact you , usually by phone if you have given us a number, or if you have only given us an e-mail address we will e-mail you and ask you to contact us. (Note we only have a short time for you to reply so return our calls or e-mails promptly) We will chat to you on the phone and ask some more questions then some more questions and even more questions and in turn answer any questions you may have.

If we like you the next part is a live interactive test chat with the producers and some of the viewers. this requires you to use a computer with a webcam, but its easy to use dont worry, we wil set up a date and time for your chat, it wil last aprox 2 hours so make sure you are free for that time. we wil give you a special web page to goto that will enable you to turn on your camera and view and type into our chat room.  During this time we wil be watching to see how well you come across on camera, how you look and how easily you converse with the guests.

 If everything seems good we will  review your application with our team and if we approve it we will ask you to come to the casting house for what we call a "-5 Day"

This is where you will get to see the house and location, meet face to face with the crew and the current boys living in the house, You will also get to be on camera and we will have you do a video and written Diary or confessional to see how you do with those, we will also do a short photoshoot to see how you look on film and also judge our members reactions to you. During this 3 day time we will drop you into the mix as if you were an existing member of the show, so this may mean cleaning up and helping out where needed. We will also watch to see how you interact with the other cast members and how easily you fit in into new surroundings. After the days are up you will leave the house and wait to see if you have been selected. Because of the number of applicants it may be a few weeks before we let you know  so don't worry if you don't get a call back the next day after completing the 3-5 day.

The 3-5 day interview also works both ways, It is also a time for you to see if this is really something you want to do. So dot be afraid to say , NO, this isn't for you, its not for everyone and we will totally understand.

NOTE: we are looking for fun outgoing people so there WILL be daily challenges set for you to compete in.



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