The offical site of the boy who has been live on cam without a break for over 26 YEARS... and still going.

For 27 years we have followed the life of Zac starting in April 1994, from growing up to coming out to brulding an empire and having it crushed by the pandemic. Zac is the 1st of the internet generation that will have his life imortalised here for generations to watch and see. Still going live 24/7.. Join us now and see this mans life play out in real time


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The gay real world cast

One guy came out as gay in 1994 and decided to document the event, live 24.7 for the next 25+ years. Watch live now and chat with him as he continues to live in the very public internet on camera. look back at the archives of 25+ years of moments though his life and the lives of others around him. Watch the strugles as he tries to fit in with the world and carves out his own neiche that spaned the advent of live camming.

The house you will see is the 5th house Zac has had, he has had roommates, a seperate apartment, houses large and small though the years, all have had live cameras in them and this one is no exception.

Come watch live.